CIELO Product Family

Software Defined Radio

Our CIELOTM family of Software Defined Radio (SDR) products enables intelligent wireless applications capable of exploiting multiple “radio personalities” with the same radio platform. The CIELOTM SDR product family includes portable and hand-held tactical systems and server/workstation based products for cognitive radio/radar applications, Direction Finding (DF), massive MIMO, and custom wireless security sensors. The open platform architecture and common software API enables wireless software engineers to seamlessly deploy their application across various mission scenarios, platforms and form-factors. Products are integrated with GNU-Radio and REDHAWK, and provide support for VITA-49.

Product Description
Cognitive Radio Node (CR1) Complete Cognitive Radio system including embedded 2X2 MIMO SDR and Intel Atom Linux Computer. View Data Sheet
4X4 MIMO SDR PCIe Device (N1) 4X4 MIMO SDR for Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) and workstation configurations. View Data Sheet
2×2 MIMO SDR Ethernet / USB Device (T1) 2×2 MIMO SDR for embedded radio and wireless sensor applications. View Data Sheet
Wireless Ethernet Bridge Frequency-Agile wireless Ethernet bridge supporting streaming video rates with optional encryption
Wideband Direction Finding Processor (DF-A2) Adcock DF Antenna Array processing system provides Line of Bearing (LOB) as well as antenna calibration and control via Ethernet or USB. View Data Sheet

Use Cases

  • Cognitive MIMO Radio and Radar
  • Direction Finding and Geolocation
  • Custom Wireless Links
  • Unmanned System Remote Control
  • Small Cells and Wireless Gateways
  • Wireless Security

We also provide software and intellectual property cores optimized for our platforms that enable engineers and application developers to get their products and applications to market faster.

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Unlike most product-only vendors, we are available and look forward to providing additional engineering development services to help you customize your wireless application and reduce time to market.

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