ALEGRE Edge Analytic accelerator product family

Our ALEGRETM edge analytic accelerator product family is a portfolio of edge/fog computing and analytic accelerator products that leverage OpenCL and flexible configurations of heterogeneous computing resources including FPGAs and GPUs to provide high performance analytics at the edge of the network.  Customers get answers as the data is collected not hours later after the data is transported to the cloud.  Our analytic acceleration solutions work seamlessly with enterprise cloud solutions, enabling both global information awareness and distributed local optimization. Privacy and Security concerns are addressed by executing real-time, on-premise analytics on our edge analytic accelerator nodes, with anonymized analytic results and summary statistics executed in the cloud.

Think Global, and Act Local with Syncopated Edge Analytic Accelerator Solution

  • Edge Analytic Accelerator: Ethernet attached, rugged, small form factor accelerator supporting indoor and outdoor operations including options for Power-over-Ethernet and integration with various wireless backhaul options (cellular, satellite, LoRa, and custom wireless links)
  • Acceleration Toolkits: OpenCL libraries (AI/ML and Signal Processing) for heterogeneous computing platforms (CPU, GPU, FPGA)

Use Cases


Syncopated IP optimized for our cognitive radio platforms include wireless communications, signal processing, direction finding/geolocation, machine learning, spectral sensing and waveform recognition


Unlike most product-only vendors, customization of our solutions is embraced not discouraged enabling purpose-built systems at the speed of your mission.