cognitive radio node


Hornet is a collaborative spectral sensing and geolocation systems, that is comprised of a swarm of Cognitive Radio (CR) nodes and a spectrum monitoring and geolocation application.

The CR nodes include 1 to 2 wideband 2×2 MIMO Software Defined Radios (SDR) that can be controlled independently or dependently through a simple and intuitive web interface. GPS provides node location and synchronized data capture to support emitter geolocation via Time Difference of Arrival (TDOA) and Frequency Difference of Arrival (FDOA), as well as deeper signal processing and analysis. Multiple spatial channels also support geolocation via Direction Finding (DF) Line of Bearing (LOB) algorithms. The built-in cognitive engine enables sophisticated edge processing and autonomous learning and reconfiguration enabling real-time adaptation to dynamic spectral environments and a reduction in data backhaul throughput requirements. Provides support for various remote control and data backhaul options including Ethernet, cellular, Iridium, and IoT/Lora.

Key Features

Wideband 2x2 MIMO Transceiver(s)
(50-6000 MHz RF range, 40MHz IBW)
Wideband 2x2 MIMO Software Defined Radios (SDR) providing support
for two independent 2x2 MIMO SDR or one 4x4 MIMO SDR operation.
Software Defined RadioSupports multiple “radio personalities” and system reconfigurability.
One Device, Many Missions.
Cognitive EngineProvides Autonomous Learning for improved spectrum situational
awareness and adaptive decision making (e.g. Dynamic Spectrum Access).
Advanced Signal ProcessingProvides improved performance in low SNR and highly contested
spectral environments (communications performance, signal detection
and identification).
Spatial ProcessingProvides communications spatial diversity and emitter direction finding.Improves communication performance and reduces detectability.
Adds location information to waveform identification.
Remote Control / Data BackhaulProvide support for various communications mechanisms including
Ethernet, cellular, Iridium, and IoT/Lora.
Web InterfaceSimple and intuitive web interface provides display of spectrum sensing and signal processing results, communications, radio and system control.
Flexible Open ArchitectureEnables rapid reconfiguration and seamless extensions and customizations to accommodate a broad variety of operational mission scenarios.

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