Mockingbird RF Test System

As a RF signal processing and test engineer, you need a RF test system that enables agile test-driven development at the pace of your development. Mockingbird provides RF signal generation, spectral analysis and signal capture in a compact, rugged, software defined RF test system that enables rapid testing and verification of RF systems in the lab and in the field. Verify wireless data links, signal detectors and demodulators, and complex spectral sensing algorithms throughout your development cycle from design prototypes to outdoor Over-the-Air (OTA) testing. The simple and intuitive web interface enables collaborative testing and remote monitoring applications, and Mockingbird integrates with the tools you use today like Matlab and GNURadio.

Key Features
Waveform ToolkitsDirect emulation of specific signals “radio personalities” using configurable
built-in waveform generators
• CW Test Signals: Tone, Two-Tone, Stepped Freq, Sweep
• Analog Modulation: AM, FM
• Digital Modulation:
• QAM (QAM16, QAM64)
• Frequency Hopper
Arbitrary Waveform GenerationImport custom baseband I/Q waveforms from MATLAB and GNU Radio.
RF Scene CreationCreate realistic traffic patterns and mixtures of RF signals to create sophisticated RF scenes (i.e. emulated RF environments).
Spectrum AnalyzerWideband dual-channel spectrum analyzer including Power Spectrum, and time-frequency falling raster with typical spectral analysis functions such as max hold, dual markers and peak search.
Spectrum MonitoringDisjoint multi-band spectrum monitoring (e.g. 915 MHz ISM band and 2.4
GHz WiFi). Ability to create user configurable frequency scan lists.
Signal CaptureCapture narrowband and wideband signals up to 40 MHz BW, and 50 million complex baseband I/Q samples for detailed signal processing and analysis.
Network Attached Software Defined InstrumentEthernet attached device with simple and intuitive web interface.
No software installation required. Configure for your network and start testing immediately. Create multiple system deployments, for more sophisticated testing scenarios or multi-user access. Supports remote operation.