The ALEGRE Hardware Acceleration product family is a portfolio of High Performance Computing (HPC) products that enable customization performance improvements through the use of flexible configurations of heterogeneous computing resources (CPU, GPU, FPGA) that can be optimized at run-time for the given mission scenario. Our OpenCL software platform layer abstracts the underlying hardware architecture removing the developer requirements to learn and program with target architecture specific languages and tools and enabling hardware acceleration through message-based APIs or as an integrated C/C++ application.

For software application developers with computational challenging problem sets, our solution provides a flexible heterogeneous HPC platform with a simple software API that enables increased performance and a seamless software integration path that accommodates their existing software. 

Use Cases include hardware acceleration of:
- Graph Analytics
- Map/Reduce Analytics
- Streaming Analytics and Data Ingest
- Machine Learning
- Cloud Computing including Mobile and Sensor Clouds
- Massively Parallel Simulations
- Signal Processing

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Custom Application Development Services
Unlike most product-only vendors, we are available and look forward to providing additional engineering development services to help you customize your wireless application and reduce time-to-market. 

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Note: Specifications are subject to change without notification.